5 Step Process

When it comes to home organization, one size does not fit all, and no one leads your life except you. Difficult to maintain systems don’t work. Attractive and easy to maintain systems work well, which is my goal when serving customers. I like to get to know my clients, understand their organization needs, and help them develop a system that works best for them. Let me customize your organization needs to suit your lifestyle. Together, lets create an organization system designed just for you!

The result will be a system you can maintain to keep your items organized. The system we create together will you save time and reduce stress. You will know exactly where your items are located, and the most frequently used items will be delightfully arranged, within reach, and easy to put away. That is the hallmark of my system working for you.

I specialize in home organization. We can start with a single junk drawer, the kitchen, a closet, or move through the entire house. Below is my 5-step method.

Step 1: Listen

  • What doesn’t work in your current space and what does?
  • How do you currently use your space that needs to be organized? How do you need to use it?
  • Determine if others use the space, if so, how do they use it?
  • What are your organizational goals?
  • Get a good understanding of the issues with your current space, your vision for the space, and begin to develop a system that will work for you.
  • Get detailed measurements of the space(s) to be organized.

Step 2: Sort It

  • Sort items into categories.
  • Discard any trash.
  • Identify items that need to go to new homes.
  • Make a plan for the items to reach their new homes.

Step 3: Measure It

  • Measure the size of each category and identify the correct containers.
  • Procure containers (or other organizational products) for each category as needed.

Step 4: a Place for It

  • Arrange containers in the space to be organized so it works for you.
  • Label, label, label.

Step 5: Refresh It

  • Check back in, how is the system working?
  • Make any needed tweaks.